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Thompson Technique Seminars

Thompson Technique Seminars

Dr. Minardi has revolutionized this classic technique by creating an intensive, scientific and practical three weekend certification course like no one else on the planet has ever done. Over fifty years ago, the Thompson Technique was first unveiled by Dr. J. Clay Thompson. This three part series will encompass all elements of the original technique and expand the teaching where Clay could not, due to the science limitations of his era. Several new aspects have been incorporated into this classic technique by Dr. Minardi, filling in any gaps that may have existed. This innovative Thompson Technique Program explains each step in depth, using the latest research in the fields of biomechanics and neurology for greater understanding. The Seminar Series prides itself with intensive hands-on participation, ensuring the doctor will be able to confidently use the material in an office setting immediately. Those familiar with Thompson will learn more than they ever thought possible. Those new to the technique will be taken from step one and accelerated at a comfortable pace to learn all material presented.

Our material is presented over three weekends in a workshop format. A unique interactive workbook is utilized. The first weekend (Module I) covers the basics of applied neurology and the essentials of the application of the analysis and adjustments used in Thompson Terminal Point. Module II presents the more advanced and intricate aspects of the technique. Module III focuses on subluxations in the pediatric patient and extremities. There is a written and practical exam held on the Sunday of the Module III weekend. Please visit our seminar website  for more details.

Participants will learn:

Module 1
  • History
  • Neurology 1
  • Leg Analysis
  • CS- prone Adj.
  • CS-Modified head of table adj.
  • C1: toggle recoil adj.
  • OCCS
  • BCS; prone adj.
  • BCS; supine adj.
  • BCS; seated adj
  • XD; and 2 subcategories
  • D-; supine adj.
  • D-; prone adj.
  • D+; upper boot adj.
  • D+ lower boot adj.
  • LS; seated adj
  • LS; split leg adj.
  • LS; prone adj.
  • TS; pottinger's saucer
  • TS: lateral listhesis
  • Rotated sacrum
  • PRI
  • IN ilium
  • Ex ilium
  • Elevated rib cage
Module 2
  • Neurology 2
  • Stucky friction lock
  • Stucky stack
  • Anterior cervical
  • Posterior cervical-prone adj.
  • Posterior cervical-seated adj.
  • C1 flexion lock
  • C7-T1 extension lock
  • BCS; modified toggle board adj.
  • BCS; modified supine lift adj.
  • Unilateral occiput; toggle set adj.
  • Unilateral occiput; modified Stucky
  • Unilateral occiput; modified seated
  • XD; and 2 rare sub categories
  • D-; Modified Stucky 1 part adj.
  • D-; Modified AI sacral push adj.
  • Stucky bilateral roll adj.
  • LS; L5-S1 distraction adj.
  • Spondylolisthesis; classic adj.
  • Spondylolisthesis; institutional adj.
  • TS; dorso-cervical thumb pull
  • IN ilium-modified prone adj.
  • EX ilium-modified prone adj.
  • Posterior Sacral apex adj.
  • Rotated rib adj.
  • Anterior Coccyx
  • Hyperactive Psoas
Module 3
  • Full Spine pediatric analysis and adjustments
  • (includes: case history, neurological testing, cranium, CS, TS, LS, SI)
  • Full Spine pregnancy adjustment modifications
  • Webster's In Utereo constrant technique
  • Anterior Humerus
  • Posterior Humerus
  • Superior Sternoclavicular
  • Superior Acromioclavicular
  • Medial scapula
  • Hip Joint
  • Superior lateral Patella
  • Internally rotated tibia
  • Anterior fibula
  • TMJ
  • Certification testing day 2


Chiropractor: Early Bird Rate $1700/ Regular Cost $1900
Students: Early Bird Rate $850/ Regular Cost $950


Costs above include all three Modules, accompanying manuals, and Dr. Minardi's textbook on the Thompson Technique.
Registration is limited and is on a first come, first served basis. Only Chiropractors and Chiropractic Students are allowed to register for the seminar series. If you are a Chiropractor enrolled as a student in a different field, this does not qualify you for the student rates. Only students registered in a Chiropractic College/University qualify for the student rates. No Transfers are allowed.


In the event that you cannot attend a seminar that is prepaid, the fee for that seminar may be applied to another seminar within 12 months of the missed seminar. There are no refunds/transfers.